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Escape Room Birthday Party; How to give your child the coolest party

It is probably recognizable for most parents. It is almost your child's birthday and you are faced with the challenge of coming up with an original children's party again. Preferably something new, which is great for your child and which the friends will talk about for a long time to come. Oh yes, not unimportant either. It has to be easy to arrange for yourself and it has to be a bit of an affordable birthday party... Good luck! An Escape Room Birthday Party is totally cool these days. Fun on location, but also for a children's party at home.

Escape Room Birthday Party

Kids escape room, popular with your family or for a birthday party

What we find really cool to do is to play escape rooms. We have played quite a lot of rooms already. And yes, fortunately most of them escaped. Well, except for the time I accidentally included the locker key of our coats in the game. Why doesn't that key fit anywhere? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Escape room for kids

Unforgettable escape room birthday party at home?

What is an escape room?

In short for those who don't yet know what an escape room is: An escape room is a location where you are locked up together with a group of friends. By solving puzzles and codes in different rooms, you need to escape as quickly as possible. Many of the rooms have a special storyline in which everything happens. Only by working well together, it will usually be possible to escape. This is also the most amazing thing about an escape room. Because working together turns out to be quite difficult in practice. Adrenaline does the strangest things to you. You immediately see all the characters coming back into the game. Are you a leader who takes the initiative or a silent puzzler who solves most of the puzzles in the end?

Kids escape rooms are becoming more and more popular. With our girls we have regularly done a family escape room. Super cool family outing. The funny thing is that children often look at puzzles in a very different way. We ourselves sometimes think in a very complicated manner. While they have the solution right in front of you.

Escape room birthday party at home

When we started our gaming site a number of years ago, it was of course no surprise which game we were going to make: An escape room! But to rent and renovate a spooky abandoned basement went a bit too far for us. (let alone our two left hands!?). The challenge was to make an escape room that you can do at any location. We were so proud when the game the Maffia Gang (our first Dutch Escape Game) was finished. Playing an escape room is fun, but making it is just as much fun!

Create an escape room

If you want to make an escape room for your birthday party just like us, you can do it of course. An escape room birthday party at home can be just as much fun. What's more, it's affordable, you don't have a maximum per room and you can do all sorts of things besides that. With a little preparation and creativity, it has to be possible, right? In our blog 'Making an escape room' we have listed some tips for you.

Don't feel like doing this yourself? And do you want an escape room kid’s party at home? Maybe our game the Escape room junior is something for you. Good luck! Have fun playing.

Kids party at home

Our first escape room birthday party  

For our youngest girl we once organized an escape room children's party. That was a few years ago. Back then you didn't have a lot of escape rooms for children. Everyone loved the party. All the children came out of the room bouncing and full of adrenaline. Now we are lucky that we have a top escape room on location in our neighborhood. Tailored down to the last detail and a good fit with the storyline. With many different rooms for adults and children.

An escape room birthday party, suitable for every child?

With every children's party it’s always a guess whether everyone is having a good time. Sometimes we have also experienced that some girlfriends were in tears at a children's party. When we celebrated the escape room children's party for our daughter, it didn't seem to go well at first either. All the children were very cool beforehand. "We're going to escape!", they cried very bravely. When they entered, they saw some posters of the adult escape rooms. You saw the faces change. Oops! Fortunately, after some lemonade and a bag of crisps, their attention was elsewhere.

Is an escape room scary for kids?

Even though the escape rooms are made for kids, some children find it quite scary and exciting beforehand. It's good to take that into account. The children's escape rooms themselves are often fully catered for. In our first kids Escape Room, for example, the room was more illuminated and a "help rascal" went into the room with them. This way it is less scary and they can get a little help.

Escape Room kids party

What should you pay attention to?

Are you organizing an escape room children's party for the first time? Then here are a few tips you can look out for in advance:

  • Minimum or maximum number of children in the escape room?
    Usually, your child wants to invite just a little more children than you had planned. Well, then it will be tricky if you can only play in the escape room with a maximum number of children. At some locations they have rooms that you can play against each other. Handy for large groups at children's parties. Then you can split them up.
  • Do you only pay for the room or is it an escape room arrangement?
    An escape room birthday party can be quite expensive. Usually you only pay for the room. For children's parties these days, they offer handy arrangements, so that you don't have to pay extra for fries, for example.
  • What is a suitable age for an escape room for children?
    Some escape rooms start at the age of seven. Usually this will be fine. However, it is good to read in advance what the theme is and whether it is not too scary. In our experience, children from the age of nine to ten have the most fun trying escape. There is only one disadvantage. Due to the hype, there usually have been other children's escape room parties at their friends, so you can't do it yourself anymore.
  • Can you be present as a parent or is there supervision from the children's escape room?
    We loved to see a group of girls escaping with each other. We allowed a parent to come inside with us (also a party for ourselves!). In addition, someone from the escape room went with us. Usually this is the case and as a parent you can look behind the scenes. If you have very frightened children, it is useful to check this beforehand.
  • Read the reviews to see if the room is really suitable as an escape room birthday party.
    Nowadays there are so many sites with reviews about escape rooms. The really good (and bad) rooms usually have a lot of comments. Also from parents about children's parties, or rooms they played with the family. This way you can assess whether the theme suits your child and whether it's not too exciting.
Escape room for kids

Unforgettable escape room birthday party at home?

Escape room kids party: affordable and feasible?

No matter how cool we thought our daughter’s escape room birthday party was, there were some drawbacks too...

An escape room is usually not very cheap. On average, they cost a hundred euros or more. Okay, you buy a great experience for your child. That is worth a lot. But after an hour you are outside again. And then you still have to entertain all those bouncing, starving kids. The costs for some fries and a bag of sweets must still be paid for. Ketsjing! That doesn't fit in everyone's budget for a children's party.

Escape room party expensive

With two cars

Luckily, there are escape rooms at many locations these days. But most of the time it is a bit of a drive. We used to stuff some more children in one backseat. With the police checks nowadays we don't do that anymore. You often need two cars for a birthday party to get somewhere. And then you sometimes have the misfortune that a room can only be used for a maximum number of children. So you must first figure this out in order to be able to arrange it.

Giving away puzzles

Then there is the final risk of an escape room birthday party. The "whining" girlfriend that ruined it for the rest. "Yes, I know!" An escape room is just the most fun when no one has played the room yet. How annoying it is when someone reveals all the puzzles. So now that it is so popular to escape, it is useful to check in advance whether any of the children have already done this escape room.

Complete your birthday party with an escape room invitation

I am sure we are not the only ones with this funny habit. When we organize a party for our girls, then everything should match the theme. Whether it was a witch party, Paw Patrol children's party or a who is the mole children's party. Sounds familiar?

How nice it is, when you already receive an invite for an escape room children's party at home, to get you in the mood. And when you leave, you also get something that represents the theme. It takes more time, but it’s worth it. Worried you haven’t got the time? With these handy tips, it's easy:

Fun ideas for making invitations to an escape room birthday party

  • Write the invitation in mirror writing and stick it on your card.
  • Make a secret document containing the (short) invitation text.
    You can also do this in two parts, where the children will get the explanation a day later, for example. 
  • Create a riddle, the outcome of which they have to link to a telephone number.
    If they get the answer right, they will receive the invitation per app via WhatsApp.
  • Make your invitation look good by using Canva, for example.
    Canva has many handy templates that you can use for free. For example, you can give the invitation your own style which is the same as the children's escape room you are going to. It contains all kinds of pictures with locks, keys, bars, etc. This should do the trick.
  • Puzzles for unwrapping the presents
    What always worked well for us is that every time a child is allowed to give the present, you first do a puzzle or riddle together. Only when the puzzle is solved, your child can unwrap the present from that friend. (Hide his or her name in the puzzle, even more fun!) If you want ideas for fun escape room puzzles, take a look at our previous blog about creating your own DIY Escape Room at home.
best Escape Room Ideas

We hope we have given you enough ideas to organize a cool escape room kid’s party. We wish you a lot of fun!